What Do These Symbols in My Vision Mean?


OK, what does a Pegasus represent in a meditational vison? The vision is white, with a star of a reddish-orange color. In front of the star stands, in this order: my dog (yes, she came into the the vision with me), so my dog, then me, then the Pegasus, the star, and the white background.

—Mikey Ubrick, United States


Dear Mikey,

It is not the best idea to ask someone to interpret a dream or vision for you, because it is really meant to be YOURS alone, and you are the best one to be able to interpret it—with God’s help, of course.

What any symbol in a dream is trying to reveal to you (such as the Pegasus) may be very different from what it may mean for another person. Or it may have no meaning at all and just be given to you for your entertainment. Actually, Paramhansa Yogananda teaches us that most nightly dreams or even some meditational visions are that way. They are produced by our subconscious minds and meant for our entertainment.

Nevertheless, I can still say to you that if you really want to try to analyze the symbols in this particular dream or vision, I have outline a good way to do it in my book The Meaning of Dreaming. You can obtain this book at www.crystalclarity.com or on Amazon.com.