What Does Yogananda Think about Channeling?


Since the onset of 2012 there appears to be a resurgence of "Channeled" information. I personally resonate with the "Kryon" material. Question: What are Yogananda’s views of this type of teaching as an aide to enlightenment of the individual/collective consciousness? In Gratitude ~ Julie

—Julie Lewis, United States


Dear Julie,
I didn’t know that there has been an resurgence of channeling from 2012. I only know that contacting the mysterious after-world to receive messages has been an activity for centuries, which always holds a lot of fascination, with many beautiful and less inspiring applications.

Swami Kriyananda, maybe 40 years ago, wrote a book “How to be a True Channel”, to clean up the host of confusion concerning this topic. In short: the fact that someone is channeling information from an astral entity doesn’t mean anything. These astral beings are able to see more than our human eyes can see, but that doesn’t say a thing about their inner state of consciousness. Crudely said, we might even channel a diabolic entity, or maybe a worldly soul, or a power-hungry soul who appears like an angel, or also, but rarely, a God-filled saint or being.

The thing is this: only very advanced souls are channels for such very high beings on the other side. These celestial beings simply won’t come to everyone. True Masters, therefore, are the best channels. To them we should listen.

Is Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, such a Master? I am unable to tell. Follow your own intuition.

At any rate, the points which Yogananda might tell you are these:

– Listen to true Masters. They are the best channels of the celestial realms.

– Secondly, try to become less and less dependent on any channel for outer information, but rather meditate, in order to gradually open our own antennae, to receive all knowledge, inspiration, wisdom directly from an ascended Master, from God, or from the high angels. In other words, don’t depend on anyone to tell you what Kryon is saying. Tune in yourself in the inner silence. Be a spiritual scientist who makes his own experiments on how to become a true channel, in your own inner laboratory.

– Thirdly: try to become a true channel yourself. Kriyananda for example was a pure channel for his Master, Yogananda, who in turn was an enlightened channel for God, saying, “Nobody lives in this body but God.”

To sum up: I believe, Yogananda might principally tell you this: strive for inner Self-realization, tuning into a great Master. And gradually channel the divine light and wisdom yourself, humbly, beautifully, in your own unique and shining way.

All the best, Jayadev