When you are ready to follow one teacher


I was following the lessons from YSS, but due to circumstancial reason, i made another guru and his beahaviour,affected my mind and i lost interest in every thing and the lessons from yss,can any body help me to revive my lost treasure,which i gained from those lessons>

—vinay, India


Dear Vinay,

When you are ready to follow ONE teacher, ask God to direct you to him.

The teachings of YSS and of Ananda Sangha are from our guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. He is a Self-realized master — one with God. His teachings can help you clarify your mind, direct your devotion, and bring you happiness.

If you find another guru, follow him implicitly, do not waiver.

It is best to not mix teachings, but to stick to one. Only you can revive your interest and dedication.

You may want to visit either of our communities in India at Gurgaon or Pune. The addresses are on our website. By being around like-minded devotees who practrice these teachings, your interest will be revived.

Bless you,