Where Is It Best to Give Donations?


Often i have contributed by way of donation to Ananda Sangha for their pune project but i am confused about whom should i give priority when say i know i have some X amount at my disposal when i come accross following options.

1 To donate for Masters work

2 When i read an appeal from cancer patient for monetary support or an appeal from save the children organisation or appeal for any such noble causes

3 Long pending family members some wishes like touring,shopping etc. Can you advise?

—Bhushan, India


Dear Bhushan,

This is an important question. It is important because, as you know, giving even a small amount to others opens your heart and gives you many blessings. The giving and the helping of another being or an important work uplifts the spirit of all concerned.

A practice we have in America is called tithing. We give first a percentage of our income to our spiritual organization. 10% is suggested, but any that you can do is good. In this practice we help the organization but we also acknowledge our support and our joy in being a part of it. Through this practice many blessings come, even in material form.

After this we can use any extra funds to support other crying needs that come our way. This is one way to look at directing our donations.

Another way is, of course, to go within yourself in meditation and hold up the options you have before you to your guru and ask what is best. Know that you will receive an answer, if not right away, but in time. Most of our questions can be answered in this way also. Trust in God and Guru.

Joy to you,