Who Is God?


how do we describe god?how is he?how does he feel wen we repeatedly do the same mistakes?or don't meditate?wen we want somethng to happen for eg a gud career etc et,what attitude shud we hav towards god?what r d thngs whch decides what r we gng to get?or are we gng to get what we want or not?

—manasi, manasi


Dear Friend,

God cannot be defined, only experienced. We are part of God’s great drama and dream of creation. To know God, be still. The peace of meditation transmits knowledge and experience of God’s presence within us. The beauty and intelligence of nature hints at His love and wisdom.

God is not a king that grants boons and wishes if we are good or appease His demands. Just as there is the law of gravity and many other laws of nature (physics, biology, astronomy, etc.), so are there “laws” of success and happiness in human affairs.

Yes, it’s ok to pray to God for success in our work, but we still have to do the work: education, concentration, right attitude, and good karma. Karma means the results of our own past actions. Just as hard work can bring success in our work, so too right action and right attitude can bring success in anything we seek to achieve.

God’s wish for us is not so much material success (which cannot last just as our life must end in the physcial body) as to discover Him in the form of love, peace, wisdom, and joy. True success is lasting happiness. Lasting happiness comes from living for God, for others, unselfishly, with energy, creativity, devotion, and compassion.

God is the intelligence we possess; the vitality we express; the joy, and all things which endure and are prized by us. Yet God is none of these things and remains untouched by all objects and passing state of mind.

So, do your best to serve God through others in your work. to ask for His blessing and guidance in your life, to meditate in order to know and love Him, and He will surely guide and protect you.


Nayaswami Hriman