Who is God?


Namastey Guruji,

I am practising Hang-Sau technique regularly, I had learned the technique from Ananda Hydrabad, center. I would like you to answer the following questions.

1.Who is God..?

2.Is God formless...Is he the light?

3.What are the four stages of Kriya Yoga?

4.How much time does it take to awaken Spiritual Light through the Hang-Sau technique, and what would be the next step?

—Balasubrahmanyam, India


Dear Friend,

1) God is our creator and the great Cosmic Force of the universe. God is within and all around us.

Within us we have a soul or “God-spark” which is covered over by delusion. Through our spiritual practices, we remove the veils of delusion which separate us from our essential soul nature and help us to merge back into God from whence we first came.

2) God is formless but God is said to manifest in eight ways: 1) peace, 2) calmness, 3) light, 4) sound, 5) power, 6) love, 7) joy, and 8) wisdom. God also takes on human form as an avatar, to help us find out way back to oneness with the Divine.

3) The 4 techniques of the path of Kriya Yoga as given by Paramhansa Yogananda are the Energization Exercises, the Hong-Sau technique of concentration, the AUM technique, and Kriya Yoga Initiation.

4) There is no way to predict how long any meditation technique will take to awaken Spiritual Light within you. It may be immediate. It may take some time, depending on your individual karma and your willingness to devote yourself to meditation. Check with the Ananda Ministers who visit your center to see what your own personal next step might be.

Sincerely yours, Savitri