Will God Give Me a Relationship?



I am a student of class 10 and I fell in love with a girl . She was unaware of it. I used to like her and started conversation with her through whatsapp. Gradually I fell some attraction towards her but didn’t confess my feelings . After 1 month I confessed but she blocked me .I was shattered. After that I was begging everyone to get her back in my life . After that I started spritual practice . I want to progess spritual life . If I progress in spritual practice,will god give her to me?

—Souhardo samanta, India


Dear Souhardo,

God does not bargain with us. I think you are asking for a bargain “If I give you so much devotion and spiritual practice will you give me ______? (in this case a particular girlfriend).”

God is deeply aware of each one of us and our spiritual needs so that we may grow closer to Him. What we think is just right for us may not be in our best spiritual interest. When this is the case God may create roadblocks to fulfilling a particular desire. The fact that this girl did not respond positively to your approach is a clear roadblock. It is important to trust the outcome here. You may have been prevented from being caught in a relationship that would be hurtful to you in the long term. You are young and time and experience will help you have a more mature understanding of what will be fulfilling in a relationship for you.

There is sometimes a period of infatuation when first connecting with someone you are interested in. Infatuation is a powerful emotion which is not based in truth or divine love but in a fantasy of who we think the person is and how they might fulfill personal desires. Usually infatuation dissipates once one becomes more familiar with the person. A relationship such as you are seeking develops slowly over a long period and is based in mutual respect and deep love for each other with romantic attraction being secondary.

Work with your spiritual practice to grow closer to God and increase your ability to ‘hear’ His guidance for your life. It would be helpful if there is someone who could provide you with guidance for your spiritual work. As you deepen your connection with God you will be led to the right partner at the right time in your life.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti