Will I Ever Hear from Her Again?


My ex is called Kirsty. She didn’t want to rekindle the relationship, so my question is: will I ever hear from her again?

—Ethan McGuire, England


Dear Ethan,

Sorry to disappoint you but we are not psychics who can look into a person’s future to see if you will hear from Kirsty again.

In any case, you might want to ask for divine guidance from God and Guru (if you have one). If you ask, they can tell you through your own inward intuition how best to understand this and all the situations in your life.

Here is a prayer/affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda which also might be of help to you. Say it often mentally or with your voice when you are meditating or alone:

“Heavenly Father,
We came together in love,
Help us to live together in love,
Or if it is Thy will,
Help us to part in love and understanding.”