World Predictions for 2020


Many western astrologers are saying that 2020 could be the start of something huge. There are 3 major conjunctions happening next year, all in Capricorn: Saturn/Pluto in Jan, Jupiter/Pluto in Apr, and Jupiter/Saturn in Dec. All are seen as a major cyclical shifts for the world. Do your Vedic astrologers see the same? I wonder if you all have been discussing this as well. Is this what Kriyananda meant when he mentioned economic strife up ahead?

—Rush, USA


Dear Rush,

I have not heard of any of my Vedic astrologer friends saying this about next year though I read a few years ago that Ammachi (the “hugging” saint from India) said this. It would certainly not surprise me, however. Whether a shift takes place in consciousness or in the mantle of the earth (from heaven to earth, so to speak) is perhaps anyone’s guess. But who could possibly express surprise given the deep divisions in consciousness, opinions, intentions, and behavior in the world today? Who could possibly not notice Mother Nature’s own unhappiness and turmoil?

If you track the themes of movies and entertainment too, who cannot say but that mass consciousness expects war, famine, destruction and turmoil?

What is the solution? Go within! Whatever troubles may lurk ahead for humanity or specific nations or regions they all have one purpose: to awaken souls from the sleep of subconsciousness; of materialism; selfishness; and lack of care and empathy for others and for life around us. To what, then, do we awaken? To our soul’s true and noble Self: a child of God; a spark of Infinite Consciousness; an angel; a custodian and shepherd of God’s creation; and finally, to the journey of our soul’s natural love to reunite with our Creator!

If this world were too comfortable for too many, none would seek a better one (in consciousness). Naturally, you and I would prefer that any large shift be one in a positive direction of expanding consciousness rather than a destructive one in material form, but the latter is far more likely the means to the former (because of the natural, karmic consequence of past actions and attitudes).

In the meantime, I have made inquiries of some Vedic astrologer friends out of curiosity.

“Prepare ye the coming of the Lord!” Whatever does come is a gift of love from God, using our karma and responding to our deeper soul calls. Deepen, therefore, your life of prayer, meditation and service. Find others of like mind to support one another in this God-directed lifestyle. Whatever common sense preparations one can make are good but the most important preparation is that purpose for which we have been created: “to know, love, and serve God in this world.” (citation: Baltimore Catechism, Catholic childhood primer!) Truth is simple; all else is delusion.

Joy to you!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA