How Do You Spiritually Encourage Others?


What's the best way to help others open their chakras to see clearly? I also have a request if possible. I would like the co-operation of this movement in my country as we are suffering a great loss of seekers.

—Antonio Dacosta, Guyana


Dear Antonio,

I suggest people learn to meditate in order to see chakras clearly. It is only in deep meditation that we can connect with the energy centers (chakras) in our spines. It is especially in the higher centers where we can connect with divine love, peace, and joy. The more we connect with our higher consciousness, the more we are able to see that divine presence in those around us.

When we see the highest in others, it helps them awake to their own potential. Even a few people who meditate can make a big difference in the overall consciousness of a county. I see that a great many people in Guyana are descended from people who came from India. Meditation is a part of their heritage. I encourage you to investigate our meditation training offerings on our website, for example, Learn to Meditate. This link takes you to a mini-course which is a great way to start. From there you will see a large number of meditation resources, teaching tools, and support.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti