I’ve been developing my meditation practice. About a year ago, faces (exclusively male & from all eras in history) began to appear in my vision as I look through my third eye. I will sit & observe the faces, without fear or worry. But as I continue, the faces begin to look demonic: classic demonic images — menacing eyes, beards, horns. I’ve tried to sit with the images to see what might lie beyond them, but I have never made it past.

—Sasaneh Graham, United States


Dear Sasaneh,

Very occasionally in meditation disturbing images or thoughts may come. These images are not coming from higher consciousness, which is the goal of all meditation practice, but from lower consciousness. Always it is important to return to meditation technique when the mind wanders. It is especially important when there are disturbing images, because focus on negative images only intensifies their power. In higher consciousness we experience joy, peace, stillness, harmony and other divine qualities. When there is a glimpse of this, expand into that presence.

Meditation technique disciplines the mind to keep focus on this higher awareness. If you do not have a technique (or if you do and would like to explore adding to what you use) I suggest you take a look at our meditation resources. You can take our Mini Meditation Course or sign up to our comprehensive online course: Ananda Course in Meditation.

Do not let the occurrence of seeing faces during meditation discourage you from pursuing meditation. Just consider that you are being asked to take the next step. If the images recur once you have added additional meditation techniques to your practice, I suggest shortening your meditation time to a length where you can keep focus on higher realities.

Also, do not meditate in complete darkness. Have always some small source of light, such as a candle.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti

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