In day time after how much time should I do Hong Sau breathing technique after breakfast, lunch and dinner?

—Varsha Managoli, India


Is it OK to eat before meditation? As you are implying with your thoughtful question, it is important to prepare yourself properly for meditation. If you try meditating after a hearty meal your energy will be working hard to digest the food. For it is the same energy your body uses for digestion as your mind uses to concentrate deeply. If the energy is diverted to your stomach, you will have less for effective meditation. Before meditating, eat only lightly. Better still, don’t eat at all. Wait two or three hours after a full meal.

On the other hand, it may be necessary for you to eat before your opportunity to do Hong Sau. Have a small snack. Then, if possible, eat after your practice. A suggestion is to have orange juice and ground nuts if you must eat before meditation.

As you establish the habit of meditating, depending on your lifestyle and schedule, don’t be bound by too many rules. Do the best you can using common sense. You may have individual needs for eating for your health.

Always ask for guidance and blessings for your meditation efforts. Invite God into your meditations and your life. This will help your attunement to know in your heart the best ways for refining your practice of the Hong Sau Technique.

Many Blessings on your efforts.

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