Freeing Ourselves of Doubt and Fear


I have always doubts, Swamiji. Inner fear also is in my mind. These two things make my mind miserable. How can I make my mind peaceful?

—Jayaprakashnarayanan v, India


Don’t be discouraged! As devotees we encounter many tests. Swamiji, himself, was assailed with doubt. One focus of his life was to help others with their doubts. He battled mental doubts. Have you read Swamiji’s book The Path, My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda? It will give you new insights on the spiritual path. Fear and doubt are just intellectual traps. Yogananda told a disciple who was tormented with these very things “As long as you make the effort, God will never let you down”.

Concentrate on giving yourself to God, your meditations and sadhana. Be with positive people. Read uplifting books and chant when you can. Go to group meditations as possible. After meditation sit quietly and pray in the language of your heart for God’s blessing and guidance in your life. Ask for God or Divine Mother’s help. With God all is possible. Let your heart fill with gratitude for the spiritual path you have available to you. These practices are worth the effort and will help keep your energy at the point between the eyebrows which in itself will assist you at maintaining a state of mind free of doubt and fear. Many Blessings on your efforts.