How Can I Meet Babaji?


I had put up a pic of babaji and started talking to him. One day in dhyaan I experienced tremendous energy and khechari mudra spontaneously. Since then whenever I think of or talk to babjis pic I have varying experiences(daily, maybe sometimes even 4-5 times a day) including khechari and its exercises.

However whenever I ask him that I want to see him or talk to him, nothing happens. I want to see/meet him or talk to/hear him. Please help!!

—niti, india


Dear Niti,

Many devotees would be deeply grateful to have had the responses you have already had as you have described them. Your faith and positive expectation that Babaji will visit you is admirable and touching. However, Babaji visits very few people. (Read stories in the book, Autobiography of a Yogi.)

May I suggest that your prayers continue but after praying meditate deeply and be very still. Let Babaji, God or the Master’s bless you in ways they deem are best for your spiritual growth. It is better not to frame your prayers with too many conditions. Pray that God help to love Him more deeply; to serve Him more willingly and without thought of self, and to be guided by wisdom in all things.

Nayaswami Hriman