How to Pray for Health


I don’t know why I often pray, but I don’t get a response from God, and my pain doesn’t go away.My body is still weak. In such a situation, is there a chance to be healed and Can I still realize God? Will God help me? Why can’t I feel it? Should I keep praying? Thank you so much.

—Kay Peng, China


Dear friend,

Think of God as that power within you that can heal and give your body life! God is that life and vitality; and, God is therefore everywhere and even so yet exists independent of all created things. If it helps you to form an idea or image of God, such as Divine Mother or Father then that, too, can be helpful.

See your bodily troubles as a passing phase designed to test and strengthen your faith in God. Even as you feel the burden of weakness, affirm your inner strength. It is best not to dwell too much on a cure or healing but on the opportunity to turn your attention away from the body and towards the Source of Life.

If you focus on the vitality, intelligence and energy that lies within you, you will KNOW God’s presence. Dwell in that Presence; rejoice in Divine Vitality and give the results to God.

May the Divine Light within you be your Life!

Nayaswami Hriman