How to Start a Meditation Practice


I’m a B-Tech student and i have my spiritual teacher. He used to teach us how to meditate but now I’m far away from him. I want to start my meditation to open my third eye. How to start in the beginning?

—Uzair Mushtaq, Kashmir


Dear Uzair,

A great place to start with meditation is the Hong Sau technique, a technique practiced by many spiritual paths. It is a foundation meditation technique on our path also. When you go deep with this technique it can help with opening the spiritual eye or 3rd eye. On our website we have a free mini-course in meditation where you can learn this technique

To open the 3rd eye not only technique is needed. We must add our soul’s longing, and openness of our heart, to receive the Infinite Presence. As you practice call out with your all your heart, mind and soul ‘Reveal Thyself!’

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti