I have recently started meditation by listening to mantras. The very first experience of the meditation was the sensation that I’m rotating in an elliptical orbital left and right, without feeling my body. Recently I had an experience in which my head started rotating, this time with the physical body (first in small elliptical rotations and then side to side in a very fast speed). I was not able to stop them. Is it kundalini activation? I have not attempted to do so and I´m scared if this is the case right?

—Kanika, sweden


Dear Kanika,

This is simply energy out of control. It’s nothing to worry about. It just needs to be mastered. You are letting go of control. This rotation feeling is actually common, and people who experience it need to rule the body (you can!) so that the energy is not wasted in physical movement. I have observed this swift uncontrolled head moving during meditation as you describe and also have seen that it can become a habit. It really needs to be controlled, and you can. Don’t let the body do what it wants to do. Keep your eyes open for some time. You are the captain of your body and energy, also in meditation. Meditation doesn’t mean giving up mastery.

These movements come from rising energy, yes, but it’s very probably not kundalini. I believe your body is simply not yet prepared for this newly-created energy flow. Yogananda teaches his Energization Exercises to prepare the subtle nerves (nadis) for a stronger energy flow. You might want to learn and practice them. Then, when you meditate, don’t surrender to these movements; remain in physical control.

I hope you learn that power. All the best,

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