Understand Meaning of Hearing Om Sound During Meditation


I hear the AUM sound during the day, and while meditation, in my right ear. All praises to God for this blessing. Please tell me how to hear that vibration more deeply and loudly. Sometimes it’s high, sometimes very low.

My second question is this: during meditation, when the AUM vibration comes, should i listen to that sound, or pay attention to my ongoing meditation?

And also: I like your master website and the people who answer.

—Kumar, India


Dear Kumar,

Yes, the new website is very beautiful and inspiring.

You are a blessed man to hear the AUM sound even during the day. To deepen the experience of hearing the AUM sound during meditation, listen intensely and try to immerse your consciousness more and more in that sound. You may much enjoy a book by Bharat Cornell, AUM: The Melody of Love.

As a guideline toward the highest states in meditation, try follow the words below, from Yoganandaji. He describes the mystical path through AUM to Spirit (from the book, The Essence Of Self-Realization)

For your second question: when you hear the AUM, nothing else matters. Leave the techniques behind. That is where the techniques try to take you. Concentrate deeply on that sound. It is the sound of God. The only reason to still practice the techniques is if you see that they take you more deeply into the AUM.

The higher and lower pitches of the sound are described by Swami Kriyananda in the book The Hindu Way Of Awakening. The higher pitch is the Brahma sound; the medium pitch is the Vishnu sound; the lowest is the Shiva sound. It is fantastic that you hear the different pitches.

In divine friendship, Jayadev

From Paramhansa Yogananda, The Essence of Self-Realization, Crystal Clarity Publishers  (Chapter 20):

“Once the mind is interiorized, and withdrawn from its identification with the world and with the body, the inner light comes into clear and steady focus. The inner sounds become all-absorbing. Aum fills the brain; its vibration moves down the spine, bursting open the door of the heart’s feeling, then flowing out into the body. The whole body vibrates with the sound of Aum.

“Gradually, with ever-deeper meditation, the consciousness expands with that sound. Moving beyond the confines of the body, it embraces the vastness of infinite vibration. You realize your oneness with all existence as Aum, the Cosmic Vibration.

“This state is known as Aum samadhi, or union with God as Cosmic Sound. Aum is that aspect of the Christian Trinity which is known as the Holy Ghost, or Word of God.

“By still deeper meditation, one perceives in the physical body, underlying the Aum vibration, the vibrationless calm of the Christ Consciousness, the reflection in creation of the unmoving Spirit beyond creation.

“In ancient spiritual tradition, the Christ Consciousness is spoken of as the Son. For just as, among human beings, the son is a reflection of the father, so in cosmic consciousness the Christ  —  in Sanskrit called Krishna, or Kuthastha Chaitanya  —  reflects in all things the consciousness of God, the Father, beyond creation.

“By ever deeper meditation, one expands his awareness of the Christ Consciousness beyond the limits of the body to perceive his oneness finally with the Christ Consciousness, which underlies the manifested universe.

“By deeper meditation still, one goes beyond creation and unites his consciousness with that of the Father, Satchidananda, the vast ocean of Spirit.”

Updated 2022

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