I’m Experiencing the Blissful Vibrations of AUM During Sleep


Recently i’ve been practicing meditation on AUM sound mantra extensively, sometimes the whole day. Now here i’m getting some strange experience from my practice which is that while sleeping at night i feel strange blissful vibrations all over my body and i feel some vibrations spinning round in a circular pattern behind my lower spine. also i enter a half sleep and half conscious state where i can think into sleep state as if i’ve turned super intelligent into sleep. Please guide me in this.

—Ruchit, India


Dear Ruchit,

The goal of all our spiritual practices is to directly experience God’s blissful presence. As you describe your experience with meditation on Aum it sounds like you are tapping into the cosmic vibration of Aum, which is a central way we can experience God’s presence. The movement of energy you experience may also be part of this vibration. You might like to learn more about Aum.

Nayaswami Bharat has written a beautiful book on this subject which includes many spiritual practices related to Aum. You can read an excerpt from this book by following this link. If you find the information helpful and want to read more you can purchase the book in India here.

Consider your blissful experience with Aum thus far to be strong encouragement from the Divine to continue pursuing your spiritual life. By your question, I see you recognize that guidance is very important when seeking to grow spiritually. As you are in India you might like to explore Ananda’s offerings there if you haven’t already. Here is our main website in Ananda India.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti