Is It Dangeous to Apply Healing Techniques if One Is Not Asked to Do So?


Yogananda showed some healing techniques. Some other healers say that we just should heal if a person really wants to be healed and if God allows it. That means we don’t break Gods karmic laws. Otherwise it could be dangerous for the healer itself. Did Yogananda ever talk about the danger if we use healing techniques wrong?

—Alexander, Germany


Dear Alex,

Yogananda certainly always did what he felt God wanted him to do and asks others who want to be healers to do the same. All great healers are just His instruments.

If the afflicted person doesn’t want to be healed, the problem is not so much that it is dangerous for the healer, but that true healing requires two sides: the power of the healer and the openness of the person to be healed. If that person doesn’t want it, no big healing effect will be there. But there is no danger involved, according to Yogananda.

Using healing techniques wrongly in a way that becomes dangerous is only the case if one uses these techniques and principles for dark intentions. If the intentions are pure, maybe the healing power is weak or zero, or the person to be healed is not open, therefore nothing works. But there is no danger involved.

All the best,