My Parents Don’t Want Me To Marry My Spiritual Boyfriend. What To Do?


My boyfriend and I have been in love with each for some years now. Spirituality and God started our friendship, which eventually lead us to be in love. I have developed a deeper connection with God through him. But his parents do not want us to get married, and think that whosoever is right for him will be sent his way. Because of this my parents want me to get married to someone else. Marriage is meaningless to me if it is not with him. I do not want to hurt anyone. What to do?

—K, India


Dear K.,

If you deeply feel in your heart that your boyfriend is meant for you, and you for him, not only because of romance, but because spiritually it is helpful, then you might have to hurt your parents and go against their wish.

However, when we are in love our hearts’ feelings don’t always coincide with dharma, or with the will of God. So if I were you, I’d pray to God very strongly and repeatedly to intervene: “Please either separate the two of us if that is Your wish, or help us get married in some way.” Tell Him, “We want to follow Your will, but please make it clear to us, please intervene.”

I think if you pray that way, something will happen. Then accept that as His wish.

God’s blessings on you two,