Refining Meditation


I saw black hole in my meditation. What the meaning? The black hole pulling on me, I tried to go inside but my heart beat too fast. So I tried to escape from there. Can youu explain to me?

—Raja, Malaysia


So sorry to hear about your difficulty with your experience in meditation. Don’t give up. It is good you are seeking guidance. Refinement on your practice may be all that is needed. I don’t know what type of meditation you do practice. So I am not sure about the ‘black hole’ experience you describe. It could just be from the strain and anxiety if you are forcing your breath or forcing an uncomfortable sitting position while meditating. Joy and Peace are what can be in your heart and consciousness while meditating. That is the goal.

Begin your meditation with a prayer to God, as you know Him, to be with you and bless your efforts. Offer yourself up unreservedly into the Divine light and love, asking for guidance in your efforts. In the language of your heart offer your meditation to God or Divine Mother. After that connection in meditation, listen inwardly and, also, especially for the feeling of peace and joy. That listening with the Divine will help with any refinements that you may be needing.

You may want to visit our website and view the online class offered there that may give you more tools for meditation.

Also, the book Meditation for Starters by Swami Kriyananda is an excellent resource for meditation.

Many Blessings on your meditations!