The Yearning for God


When will my problems end? When I will get my home?

—Pooja Aggarwal, India


Be encouraged. Your question is one that has been asked by many sincere devotees. God does test those He loves the most with an array of challenges to see if they truly want Him or just the comforts of the world. Also, karma needs to be finished and God is always helping you. Especially if we ask. Dispassion for what the world has to offer with all its problem is a necessary attitude for all that comes to us. Imagine that you are already Home and live in that joyful feeling. After meditation, in the language of your heart ask God to bless and guide you in your life. Give Him all you have in devotion and self offering. Sit in the peace and joy of your heart. Embellish that blessing you feel and take it into your day. Especially believe and know that He is with you always and does not forget you. Many Blessings to you!