What Can I Do with My Natural “Mediumship Powers?”


Hello, I know Yogananda didn’t recommend going to mediums but what about those who have natural medium abilities and how can they use their medium powers for the highest good? I have mediumship abilities and have been terrified of them but I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I want to use my intuitive abilities for the higher good and benefit of humanity but am not sure how. Is there any good that can come out of having the ability to commune or sense spirits/energies?

—Tesla, United States


Dear Tesla,

Mediumship power is like any other talent given to us by God and perhaps as a result of our spiritual efforts in past lives. In all cases, no matter what the talent or power might be, it is best to remain humble and “give it to back to God,” where it comes from anyway. What this means is not to let it involve you more deeply in and with your own ego. It is so easy to think thoughts like: “Wow, I have this talent or power and others do not. That must make me very special.” Thus, you can see how easy it is for your ego to trap you in that sort of non-beneficial mental pattern.

It is not helpful to be “terrified” of any talent or abilities you may have, and you are right in wanting to let go of that fear (and all fears). Also, to desire to help others in whatever ways possible to achieve their own highest good, is obviously a selfless desire or as Yogananda often called it, “a desire-less desire.”

I would suggest that you go very slowly, praying to God and your Guru all the way, and in every moment of your life. Meditate a lot (this helps to develop your Divine Intuition) and listen carefully at the close of each meditation for specific guidance or answers to any questions you might have about this or other matters.

I know that Swami Kriyananda was not opposed to consulting with a few people who had “mediumship powers.” From time to time, in his life, he did meet with such people and ask questions about his life and his life’s work. Even so, he encouraged us always to seek answers more directly from God and Gurus through meditation and the increasing intuition that naturally develops within us through deep meditation.

Finally, and perhaps most important of all, I would advise that you read a book by Swami Kriyananda called How to Be A True Channel. It can be found at this website address: https://www.crystalclarity.com/shop/books/how-to-be-a-true-channel/ It is a very inspiring book – not very long but it should answer all or at least most of your questions about this subject.