What Can We Do With the Help of Our Third Eye?


What can we do with the help of our third eye?

—Suhail, India


Dear Suhail,

With the third eye, the point between the eyebrows, we can…

  • contact God. It is the point that transcends this world and leads us to Divine union. Yogananda writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “Long concentration on the liberating spiritual eye has enabled the yogi to destroy all delusions concerning matter and its gravitational weight; thenceforth he sees the universe as an essentially undifferentiated mass of light.”
  • access the higher worlds. In deepest meditation it forms a tunnel leading to the astral and causal world, finally into Cosmic Consciousness.
  • see things around you which normally you don’t see. Yogananda explains: “If you could see with your spiritual eye you would see a rainbow of colors. The color scheme is so beautiful in the astral world. This world is relatively ugly here, and a million angels are passing here right now and you don’t see them. We are all as blind as a bat. Because our eyes have been spoiled by gross light.
  • ask questions to the Divine, receiving His answer in our heart.
  • tap into superconsciousness, meaning that when you often keep your gaze there in daily life, and in meditation, you will get a superconscious vision of life, as well as solutions, guidance, revelations, true wisdom.
  • stimulate your will mightily, as it is the center of will power. It is also the center of concentration, hence concentrating there will strengthen it.
  • see into the past and future, and into all space. It is like a crystal ball, Yogananda explains.
  • exit your body (if you are highly advanced).
  • broadcast your thoughts to others.
  • bless people.
  • stimulate soul-intuition.
  • stimulate true joy in your life. It also works as a method for overcoming moods. Next time you are moody try firmly to concentrate on the point between the eyebrows for five minutes and see what happens.

I am sure Yogananda could write a much longer list. The spiritual eye, he would certainly point out, is the seat of the eternal Christ Consciousness (Kutashta Chaitanya) in our body. Swami Kriyananda explains that by concentrating at that point, our seat of I-ness shifts from the medulla oblongata, meaning that our sense of “I am a person” gradually dissolves and becomes “I am a soul, part of Christ-Consciousness.”

All the best in your inner discoveries,