What Is Meant by High or Low Vibrations?


What exactly is meant by something having a high or low vibration? It’s obviously more than sound waves measured in hertz... how do i know if i’m feeling a high or low vibration from something or just a like or dislike?



—Mary Seymour, USA


Dear Mary,

Here are some ways to think about the gradations between low and high vibrations:

  1. Thinking about, feeling, or being aroused by physical (sensory) impulses and desires would constitute a relatively low vibration. But, for example, merely feeling normal hunger is different than obsessing about your hunger and indulging in fantasies about what you would like to eat or, worse, actually bingeing on food.
  2. Emotional and egoic desires would be slightly up the scale moving from physical to mental such as romantic fantasies; obsessing on what other people said or what you imagine they think about you; how to get revenge or get even; what I would say to that person; daydreaming about the rich and famous (or reading about them or watching movies); ditto regarding the powerful or strong (“superheroes”); feeling jealousy or envy; wanting clothes, furniture, houses, travel.
  3. Being inspired and attracted to the stories of successful people in arts, sciences, history and so on.
  4. Serving your community, neighbors, family or friends in acts of charity and self-giving.
  5. Enjoying beautiful music or art; pondering how to solve the world’s problems; feeling compassion for those who are destitute or homeless, traumatized by circumstances; dying of disease. Thinking creatively about inventions, solutions, math, science, medicine and the like.
  6. Being inspired by devotional, religious, or spiritual images or people. Seeking out others of like mind.
  7. Asking the great questions of life: Who am I? Why were we made? What is the purpose of life? Why is the suffering?
  8. Seeking to know, love, and serve God (in whatever form or by whatever name you feel attracted to). Engaging in prayer, meditation, worship and divine service.

I don’t mean to list these above as if they are in stone or absolute but I list some things in a rough sequence to give you a feeling of low and high vibration.

You can think of it also in this way: the more my thoughts, emotions, and actions relate to my body, my ego, my desires and fears, the lower the vibration. The more these relate to the needs and appreciation of the qualities of others, the higher the vibration…..all the way up to seeking God as Bliss or as the Infinite Spirit, so to speak.

The more I give of myself to a greater purpose or cause the more expanded or higher the vibration of my consciousness. It’s a kind of refinement. A child might prefer mac and cheese made from a box while you or I might prefer an exquisitely made gourmet meal.

I hope this is helpful to your question.

Nayaswami Hriman