Your Light Will Be His Blessing


My Father passed away last month. Now he comes in our dreams but appears very weak. I would like to know what he wants to communicate to us by appearing weak in our dreams.

please let me know what I have to do right now to make him HAPPY.....



Dear Srividya,

As it happens, what you write has much meaning for me: my wife’s mother too just passed away. So all blessings to you in this difficult moment. The good thing is this: love is an inseparable bond which eternally draws souls back together, in growing inner friendship. Love-united souls always meet again.

Your father is appearing to you. That alone seems to bring you his message: “I am close to you, and we shall remain close, even though I have moved on to another plane of existence. Our souls are united, and my love is with you.”

But he appears weak in “our” dreams, as you write (meaning not only yours). His weakness might have many reasons: maybe his last thoughts before dying; maybe attachment; maybe habit; maybe it is just an ethereal impression, not really weakness.

A good thing at any rate is to send him light, love, and strength. Healing energy can in fact be sent beyond this world, to people who have left it. Try to feel that you are sending not your energy, but divine energy. Rub your heads, and with concentration send luminous energy from the medulla oblongata through the arms and palms to him. The greater your will, the greater will be the flow of energy.

How can you make him happy? Ask yourself: what would make any father happy? He loves you, and therefore he is happy if you are happy, if you are enjoying life, living a good and positive existence. So the best thing for him would be if you make your life as fulfilled, meaningful, and happy as you can.

An important thought is this: Yogananda taught that a person who dedicates himself to God is an enormous blessing to all his family, even though they may not realize it. This is why in ancient Tibet in each family one member had to become a monk or nun. Yogananda even stated that if that person achieves union with God, all his family members, seven generations into the past and also in the future, would find liberation. This probably doesn’t mean complete liberation, but certainly an immense spiritual blessing. In other words: what will make your father happy on a deeper level is if you yourself grow closer to God. Your light will be his blessing.

In divine friendship,