To Focus on the Spiritual Eye, Relax


My attempts to focus on the third eye with my eyes closed has been challenging. I try to look up (with closed eyes) and zoom on my forehead (between eye brows and hairline) and I can not keep it steady, so my energy is consumed in a physical activity (back and forth) in trying to keep it there, which seems to not allow a deeper meditation. Also, I sometimes see a light (seems more like a cluster than third eye) come and go and so far have not been able to sustain it. Please advise.

—Bruce, US


Dear Bruce,

It seems to me that you might be making this process too physical. Yes, your gaze should be lifted, but you’re not trying to see something or “zoom in” on your forehead. Instead, try to feel that you’re relaxing your gaze upward, with no goal of thereby seeing something; the relaxed upwardness is itself the immediate goal. Better still, feel as though your eyes are being attracted upward by a gathering of energy and awareness at the spiritual eye—joyful awareness, for example—but still with no need to see anything. Let energy and consciousness guide the physical, rather than trying to impose something on energy or consciousness via the physical.

Yes, the spiritual eye can come and go—whether as a cluster of light or as the full experience of the ring of gold surrounding a field of deep blue with a five-pointed white star in the center. However it comes, try to relax into it, give yourself to it, while maintaining focus.

Blessings on your practice,