What Should I Do During Short Meditations?


I hope this is not a point I missed when taking the course path for Kriya, but what is the recommendation for a brief meditation like the ones always done near the beginning of the Sunday services at Ananda Village, and also during many of the other online events? I’m not sure what is best to do. 2 regular breathing breaths, a minute of hong sau followed by a minute or so of changing AUM and then expansion like my favorite visualization. Many choices, not much time.

—Patricia, United States



For brief meditations it’s really according to what you feel inspired to do. In general, however, exactly as you have outlined is just fine. But don’t feel “pressured” to go through a predictable routine each time. (I assume you do not, as yet, practice Kriya Yoga?). Do, of course, allow a little time to simply sit quietly, feeling devotion or energy, joy, or peace (etc.) without actively practicing any specific technique.

There have been times when, for me, a brief meditation went very deep because right away I went into the silence (or maybe after just a few breaths or even a few kriyas). A brief meditation is also an opportunity to emphasize devotion over technique, and, to enjoy God’s presence as Divine Mother, as the guru or as one of the aspects of God (such as peace, etc.).

So, most of all enjoy a brief meditation; do a few simple practices and then dive deep into the ocean of silence! OK?

Nayaswami Hriman