Chakras Awakening: Cricket Sounds and Pressure in the Forehead


I hear like a cricket sound in both my ear, mainly my left. And my forehead feels like it wants to burst; its like an energy that want to come out, especially when I meditate is that normal?

—Gopal, Australia


Dear Gopal,

If you have learned Yogananda’s AUM technique of meditation (a part of his path of Kriya Yoga) you’ll know that hearing a cricket sound during meditation is not unusual at all. In fact, it is one of the inner sounds of the chakras (there are several others to be heard also). If you don’t know this technique, it might be good for you to learn it, which you can do through Ananda. Meanwhile, it is fine to listen to the sounds and pray for guidance; most likely it will help you to deepen your meditation.

Feeling pressure in your forehead, particularly at the point between the eyebrows, is also a normal experience. It indicates an awakening of the sixth chakra. If it is feeling painful or too much for you, you might want to balance things out a little by focusing your attention at your heart chakra for a while and feel an awakening of devotion and divine love within you. This way, you can balance your mind and your heart—a very good thing to do while meditating.

In any case, always pray for help and guidance, no matter what you experience in meditation. It will come.

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