Bramin Definition

ब्राह्मण - ˈbrɑːmənə

A person who knows God; a priest. One of the four Hindu castes.

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What is Brahman

/ˈbrɑːmən/ - ब्रह्मन्

Brahman is the Indestructible and Supreme Spirit. It is in every atom of creation, but remains there as the Viewer, meaning it is not affected by the physical matter it is in. The individual soul is a part of Brahman.

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Bhav Meaning

bhāv or bhāva - भाव

Spiritual feeling or attitude; devotion; the religious attitude of immersing oneself in the thought of God.

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Bhakti Yoga Definition

/bhākti/ - भक्ति

Bhakti yoga is union with God through devotion. A bhakti yogi thinks of God in personal terms. This helps the bhakti yogi to awaken love for God.

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Bandha Meaning


Literally “lock” or “closed.” A particular type of yogic technique for raising the kundalini energy in the spine, which helps one to attain Self-realization.

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What Is an Avatar?

/avə-tär/ - अवतार

“Divine descent,” typically used to describe an incarnation of God such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, or Krishna.

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AUM Meaning

Aum (ॐ) is the vibration by which the Supreme Spirit brings all things into manifestation. It is the Holy Ghost of the Christian Trinity. Paramhansa Yogananda has explained that everything — all matter, all energy, all thoughts — exists in Aum. All major religions recognize this creative vibration, though they call it by different names. For example, the Bible calls … Read More

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आत्मन् - ˈɑːtmən

Spirit or soul. The Supreme Self that is immortal and ever-changeless.

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Astral world

/ˈastrəl wərld/

A world of energy rather than physical matter made of vibrations of light and color, where most physical beings go after death and before reincarnating. It is also full of astral beings, and is hundreds of times larger and more beautiful and joyous than the physical world.

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