Spiritual Q&A

What Is the Soul?

Dear Friend, In general terms, yes, “higher Self” refers to the individual soul and the “lower self’ is the ego and personality identified with the body. While different schools of thought may place different emphases on specific words, like “atman” ... Read More

Am I as Special as Jesus?

Dear John, It sounds like you had an inner energetic awakening. That voice you heard is true, but you have to be very careful. Yes, you are unique, beautiful, special, just as Jesus, but only on a soul level. His ... Read More

Did Our Bad Karma Cause Us to Lose a Loved One?

Dear Sathya, I am sorry for your loss. Please see the loving arms of Divine Mother embracing you and your family, filling you with comfort, surrounding you in Light. Know that your sister is in Divine Mother’s loving care now, ... Read More

Shall I Write Letters to a Saint?

Dear Nityaa! Yes, of course: do write letters. I love to write letters. (In the case of saints, what’s the address?!) Rather than run a monologue through your mind throughout the day, run a dialogue with God and the gurus! ... Read More

Soreness From Long Meditation

Dear Sam, If you are feeling physical discomfort, I think it’s safer to assume the cause is also physical: meaning that during a longer meditation period your posture and head position must have been off slightly with perhaps some underlying ... Read More

In Meditation My Arms and Legs Are Jolting All Over the Place

Dear Patrick, I have seen a lot, but this seems rather extreme. It might feel kind of good to you, but still, you should control it. Even the strongest kundalini awakening doesn’t jolt your legs and arms all around like ... Read More

Why Do Millions Suffer Back Pain?

Dear Frank, Thank you for your question born of sympathy and compassion. Hmmm, well: we all will die, too, right? What did we do to deserve that? The great ones, saints and sages down through ages, attempt to share with ... Read More

How Do I Find My True Spiritual Path?

Dear Mihir, We find our spiritual path, and become ready for the guidance of a guru, by putting out continuous positive energy in our spiritual search. For most people, this begins with exploring various spiritual writings and spiritual practices from ... Read More

Can Busy People Practice Kriya Yoga?

Dear Mihir, Kriya Yoga is designed for our modern age, where most people are quite busy, not living a hermit’s life. Most people at Ananda are quite busy too. Mahavatar Babaji, when he gave Kriya Yoga to the world through ... Read More

I Need Help With My Teenage Stepsons

Dear Marcel, I feel for your difficulty as there are few circumstances in modern life as challenging as being a stepparent to teenagers. It has been well said down through the ages that “Patience is the quickest route to God!” ... Read More

I Have a Dead Twin Brother. What Does That Mean?

Dear Lake, Spiritually speaking, you have a karmic connection with your twin brother. This means that you have known him in other lives, otherwise he couldn’t have become your twin brother this time around. So you are right: you know ... Read More

How to “Manifest” a Child

Dear Maral, In all aspects of life it is important to remember who is ‘in charge’. You are right to understand that there is a higher Power, and it is this Power, not any earthly ‘powers’, that determine when and ... Read More

What’s the Difference Between Soul and Spirit?

Dear Brian, You will always find varying definitions of these terms. In Yogananda’s teachings, the soul is a part of Spirit, just like the wave is a part of the Ocean: it’s the same substance, just individualized. Spirit is God. ... Read More

I’m Having Dreams About the Kriya Path but I’m Not Interested Yet

Dear Mihir, Have you read Autobiography of a Yogi written by Paramhansa Yogananda? You can read it for free here. Rather than try to interpret your dreams, why not read this book —  one of the most influential pieces of ... Read More

Is the Time of Death Predestined?

Dear Sathya, I am very sorry for your loss. Your pain is understandable, but please don’t be regretful for what you might have done or what could have happened differently. It was the karmically destined time for your sister to ... Read More

Help for Insomnia

Dear Sangeeta, Swami Kriyananda and Yogananda have given a number of suggestions, based on the yogic teachings, to help with insomnia which I will note below. But one thought I have to raise is, have you had a medical work-up ... Read More

Does Kriya Yoga Teach Bodhicitta and Emptiness?

Dear Aasheesh, As a Kriya Yogi and disciple of Yogananda (I suppose) you can now leave behind Tibetan Buddhism. Comparisons of different paths will confuse one. There are many different approaches, valid techniques, great methods, and deep explanations. All of ... Read More

Knot-Points in the Mahabharata

Dear Jeff, The “knot-points” revealed by Lahiri Mahasaya (and expanded upon by others in the lineage, that is, Swami Sri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda) in the great epic of the Mahabharata are found in the names of the main characters. ... Read More

Does Black Magic Still Exist?

Dear Sathya Krishna, Black magic does still exist but is very uncommon. If a disease is not identified, it’s extremely unlikely that it has been caused by a black magician. This is superstition in almost all cases. Black magic means ... Read More

Can My Deceased Sister Be Reborn as My Child?

Dear Sathya, I am sorry to hear of your sister’s death. Yes, of course, it is possible she could return as your child. However, I would caution you with the universal caution to “be careful what you wish for!” There’s ... Read More

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What is the Difference Between Contentment and Satisfaction?

What is a Soul?

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How Can I Calm My Anxiety?

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