Spiritual Q&A

Is Death Predestined? If So, Why Take So Many Precautions During the Pandemic?

Dear Friend, So many good questions! I have often found some solace, if not understanding, in accepting that life is ironic. So often in its essence, life is a paradox (at least for the intellect!). So let’s take a look ... Read More

What to Do about Trying Too Hard in Meditation?

Dear David, This is a problem many devotees have faced at times, including Swami Kriyananda. A key principle is to recognize that, while your will power is necessary for spiritual progress, it must be joined with the divine will flowing ... Read More

Ahimsa: Cruelty-Free Living

Dear Friend, I am curious to ask whether traditional Indian instruments, for example, sitar or vina and even drums, were made with any animal by-products. I would have thought NOT! Your question is one that your conscience alone can answer. ... Read More

What Will the -Autobiography of a Yogi- Do for Me?

Dear Friend, You are indeed a student and you are asking practical questions related to your goal of education. Well done! Many years ago when I first met Swami Kriyananda (a direct disciple of Yogananda and the founder of Ananda worldwide), ... Read More

How to Learn the AUM Technique

Dear Cecile, At Ananda the AUM technique is the third technique given in The Path of Kriya Yoga. Techniques are taught in sequence because one builds upon the others. First one learns the Energization and Hong Sau techniques and the ... Read More

I Am Initiated Elsewhere but Want to Learn Kriya Yoga

Dear Jayanti, Age is no barrier to taking kriya initiation. Initiation into kriya yoga is diksha, initiation by the guru. It is more than just a meditation technique. If you are happy with what you are doing and feel loyal ... Read More

Do I Need to Open the Lower Chakras Before Concentrating on the Spiritual Eye?

Dear Tannah, You might be new, but who knows, maybe some ancient knowledge is just surfacing in you. I say this because your “constant pull” towards meditation and the third eye is an inner voice of deep wisdom. Yogis are ... Read More

How Many Spiritual Laws Are There?

Dear Friend, You ask an interesting question. When we refer to the law of gravity, for example, we are simply referring to a cause and effect relationship that is so unfailing consistent that we bestow the title of law to ... Read More

Very Sensitive to Thoughts and Energy Around Me

Dear Sailesh, I encourage you to strengthen your aura, your energy field around you, and to learn to live from your center. As you describe it, your aura has become quite permeable to others’ thoughts and feelings and you have ... Read More

Contacting One Who Has Left This World

Dear Friend, Paramhansa Yogananda wrote a lesson on the process of death and life in the astral world. I offer to you some excerpts specifically related to contacting a loved one. You mustn’t “play with” such techniques except in relation ... Read More

What Does the Symbol of a Line and a Dot Mean?

Dear Anna, I too believe that the universe speaks through symbols, signs, and unusual events, to those who are open to such messages. For your symbol: I am not an expert, but I will try to interpret it. The dot ... Read More

Is It Okay to Have Physical Relationships with Many People?

Dear Open and Honest Friend! The promise of sex and romance “makes the world go round!” With the human body’s refined senses of touch and sight, the garden of sexual delights invites many people, especially in the youthful glow of ... Read More

Can a Temple Have Spiritual Power Like a Guru?

Dear Arjun, Yes, I have heard about that. In general, temples can have extraordinary power. Yogananda for example writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “Holy shrines at Tarakeswar and elsewhere are rightly venerated as nuclear centers of spiritual power.” ... Read More

Tingling Down Arms When Meditating

Dear Chloe, Tingling and pins and needles sensations, as well as numbness, can be caused by a body position which is putting some pressure on a nerve. This often happens in the legs. I suggest trying some new positions for ... Read More

Will This Pandemic Ever End?

Dear Friend, You ask whether Covid will ever end? Yes, you can be sure it will end but, like the common cold or flu, I have read that it might still circulate depending on individual immunity, variant versions which arise, ... Read More

Why Did Yogananda Say to Keep Your Wife Away from Kitchen Work?

Dear NS, I had to look up this quote in its original source to get an understanding of why Yogananda might have said this. This instruction comes in a list of Ideal Laws of Married Life–Moral Plan of Behavior for ... Read More

Meeting Souls Who Have Passed

Dear Koyal, Souls that have been closely connected in this life — whether with positive affection or possibly animosity — are destined to have a connection again, meeting in another life to fulfill the karma that has been set in ... Read More

How to Keep Your Peace of Mind when Challenged?

Dear Smit, With prayer and meditation, one develops a centeredness that increasingly can be maintained in the face of whatever it is one has to do each day. It’s best to start with situations you can handle, of course, but ... Read More

Is It Okay to Donate Your Organs After You Die?

Dear SP, I doubt you would incur bad karma for donating organs. I thought an answer from Swami Kriyananda on this topic would be most helpful here. This quote is from the book Religion in the New Age. Q. Is ... Read More

How to Handle Life’s Big and Small Challenges

Dear Sarbjit, The two kinds of challenges that you mention differ only in the degree or magnitude of their impact on our life — and only as perceived by us. A child born blind, for instance, might adapt readily to ... Read More

What Is the Difference Between Meditation and Prayer?

What is the Difference Between Contentment and Satisfaction?

What is a Soul?

How Are We Affected By Diet?

How Can I Calm My Anxiety?

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