Spiritual Q&A

Are Divine Visions and the Soul Visible?

Dear Sebok Provat, “Can divine sights or the soul be seen” is the same as asking “Can God be seen,” as the soul is a part of God, like the wave of the ocean. The answer is none of them ... Read More

Are We One or Many?

Dear Nithish, In this world of opposites (duality-“dwaita”), paradox and dichotomy reign supreme. Reality in this realm of causation is BOTH-AND. It is holographic: meaning the whole is contained in every part. Or, as Paramhansa Yogananda expressed it, “Divine vision ... Read More

Why Does Hardship Come and What Can I Do?

Dear Godseeker, It is so beautiful that you have felt a lifelong connection with God and have experienced that divine presence in nature and in other people. When the devotee has a strong spiritual commitment, God urges us to come ... Read More

I Still Love My Ex. Now He Has Died. My Heart Is Broken.

Dear Trudy, Your love is deeply inspiring: after 20 years of separation, of hardly any contact, after his alcohol addiction and aggression, you still feel that strong love. This is close to divine unconditional Love. All situations come to us ... Read More

To Whom Should I Pray?

Dear Friend, Your efforts are admirable and well-inspired — yet thwarted by dividing your concentration and devotion. However, you must remember that God and Divine Mother are equally in not only each of us but also very powerfully in those ... Read More

How Can I Stay Connected With the Soul of My Departed Loved One?

Dear Tina, Yes, on a deep inner level you can maintain inner contact with the soul of the beloved one. During meditation try to feel the presence of God and then apply the technique Yogananda describes: Send your thoughts of ... Read More

Gazing at an Aghori Yogi’s Eyes, I Received a Lasting Feeling of Terror. What To Do?

Dear Nicole, Yes, these Aghori yogis can be scary. Did it happen in 2019, when all the naga-babas etc. came to Varanasi, sitting in tents? In that case, I was there too. For the future: the eyes are a powerful ... Read More

How Long Will It Take Us to Achieve God-Union?

Dear Abhishek, Yogananda was, as far as I understand, already an avatar, fully united with God, when he incarnated as Arjuna. He acted the role of the humble disciple, just as he did in the role of Yogananda. Arjuna and ... Read More

How to Focus at the Spiritual Eye

Dear Luis, Meditation involves an inward and upward focus of our awareness, withdrawing energy from the senses, and tuning into subtle divine realities. The spiritual eye, the energy center at the point between the eyebrows, is the doorway to these ... Read More

Who Was Melchizedek in the Old Testament?

Dear Jim, Melchizedek played the dual role of King and priest. Yogananda never mentions him, as far as I know, therefore I don’t know much about him. If he was, as some think, indeed like God in form (the “logos” ... Read More

Using a Timer for Meditation

Dear Kaydee, I’ve used a timer from time to time (pun intended). And, yes, I agree it seems artificial. Here’s what some meditation students ask: “If I only have a certain amount of time to meditate, how will I know ... Read More

Can a Tantric Yogi Harm or Even Kill a Person?

Dear Nicole, I wouldn’t call it shaktipat (transferal of energy), which is intended to be an act of love and blessing. Nor is it avesa, a term (as I understand it) which means to enter with one’s consciousness into the ... Read More

Which Mantra Is Best for Peace?

Dear Rajender, The mantra you choose is determined primarily by its effects upon your consciousness. The Gayatri is a mantra for both personal and global enlightenment. It is therefore by definition a prayer for peace. The Mahamantra (Krishna) is a ... Read More

How Can One Have Surgery Without Anesthesia? How Can One Receive the Sickness of Another Person?

Dear Thangaraj, Namashkar. 1. Ramana Maharishi did it through a technique known to all advanced yogis. It is prayamama, energy control: the energy is completely withdrawn from the body, into the spine. Nothing is perceived outside anymore. The yogi is ... Read More

How Do I Protect Myself from People Who Want to Replace My Good Karma With Their Bad Karma?

Dear Nicole, You ask some probing and complex questions about how karma works. It’s easy to say that karma is simply action and effects of action. But beyond that, it isn’t easy at all. Let’s try to tease out some ... Read More

My Husband Died Suddenly

Dear Richa, First please accept the love and condolences I am offering on behalf of Ananda Sangha to you and your family for your loss. I am sending prayers to you, your son, and the soul of your husband. There ... Read More

Unsettling Images and Feelings in Meditation

Dear Aramati, The intrusion of subconscious images and memories is one of the side effects of meditation. Our meditation technique and motivation for meditation play key roles in the influence of the subconscious on our meditation. There are several aspects ... Read More

I Experience Fast, Uncontrolled Head Movements During Meditation

Dear Kanika, This is simply energy out of control. It’s nothing to worry about. It just needs to be mastered. You are letting go of control. This rotation feeling is actually common, and people who experience it need to rule ... Read More

Pressure in the Head During Meditation

Dear Zara, When we first begin meditating, we have to learn progressively and ever more subtly to relax body and mind. Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and the founder of Ananda’s worldwide work, describes meditation as “an ... Read More

If I Have Vision Problems, Can I See the Third Eye?

Dear Nagaraj, The third eye, also called the spiritual eye, is an energy center (the 6th chakra) in the astral spine and not a physical structure of the body. Those who are born blind or lose sight during their lives ... Read More

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What is the Difference Between Contentment and Satisfaction?

What is a Soul?

How Are We Affected By Diet?

How Can I Calm My Anxiety?

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