Ananda Village Internship 2020

JUNE 1, 2020 - OCTOBER 1, 2020

Are you interested in having a transformative summer experience of spiritual growth, selfless service, community living, self-discovery and adventure?

Swami Kriyananda says that “Cooperative communities are a highly practical solution for everyone seeking true meaning in life.”

Come join the Ananda Village Internship Program 2020 and experience what it is like to live the teachings!

Path to becoming an Intern

Spiritual Q&A

Cleanliness in India

Dear Vidhya, In my many visits to India over my lifetime, I have seen improvements in sanitation and messiness. But what I have also seen is that those of higher consciousness of such matters go the extra length to make ... Read More

I Saw a Pyramid With a Red Star and Have Had Flights Through Ancient Egypt

Dear Michael, Many things can be seen in the inner vision. The thing is, it can come from both the superconscious and the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is amazing: it can produce the most lively pictures, even whole sequences, ... Read More

Yogananda’s Predictions of World Trials

Dear Devika, It would indeed seem very plausible that this pandemic could be the start of a series of events that would align with the warnings Paramhansa Yogananda gave to audiences in the last few years of his life. It ... Read More

How Is Ananda Preparing for the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Dear Rush, This pandemic and its worldwide consequences may be part of the world cataclysm Yogananda predicted. Certainly this event is prompting us all to dive very deep into our spiritual teachings and practices. Ananda village and our Ananda communities ... Read More

Does Kriya Yoga Initiation Give Psychic Abilities and Cosmic Consciousness?

Dear Jack, It is wonderful that you are interested in serving others. The more we refine our consciousness and are open to the Divine flowing through us the more we are able to serve others selflessly as channels of the ... Read More

Overcoming Problem Consciousness (and Mosquito Consciousness)

Dear Alok, I assume you are not talking about mosquitoes, as such, right? Well, even if you are…. Remember that the story you just quoted takes place between two avatars! Just try that solution on real mosquitoes in a place ... Read More

What If I Cannot Meditate in My Usual Spot?

Dear Andy, I am so glad you have a place in your home where there is a strong vibration to support going deep in meditation. I expect this has helped you build an enduring meditation habit and allowed you to ... Read More

My Father Passed Away, and My Family Is Pressuring Me to Marry

Dear Friend, I feel sympathy for your situation. I cannot help but wonder why the family feels to move forward and fix a date for your marriage in the face of your father’s recent death? You didn’t mention, however, whether ... Read More

How to Calm the Mind for Meditation During a Demanding Workweek?

Dear Chris, It is a wonderful attitude you have in doing your work to serve and please God. That goes a long way in helping you keep the uplifted state and be in God’s Presence, then to be able to ... Read More

Jesus Forgave Judas, But Would He Let Judas Hurt Him Again?

Dear Katherine, Jesus already knew in advance that Judas would betray him. Even if he hadn’t known, he would have accepted that betrayal as God’s will and plan. In any case, the speculative question as to whether he’d “let him ... Read More

Pulling and Tingling at the Forehead While Meditating

Dear Priya, Yogananda, whose teachings we follow here at Ananda, directs us to meditate with our concentration at the point between the eyebrows, also known as the Christ or Krishna consciousness center or the spiritual eye. This center is located ... Read More

Overcoming Negative Habits of Mind and Body

Dear Friend, Focusing on our spiritual progress or focusing on what we consider is our lack of progress is self-defeating. In addition to that disadvantage, it turns us into a merchant — bargaining with God for his virtues. Furthermore, the ... Read More

Protection from Negative Influences

Dear Tammy, “If our consciousness is strongly positive, our magnetism will be positive also, and will attract good things to us. It will, in addition, create a ‘buffer zone’ around us, protecting us from harm like an umbrella in the ... Read More

If My Sadness Disappears After Meditation, Are My Problems Not Serious?

Dear Carolyn, Meditation helps lift our consciousness up into God’s presence. This presence is accessible in meditation regardless of circumstances. In fact, sometimes it takes challenging circumstances to prompt us to really reach for God’s presence, becoming uncomfortable remaining on ... Read More

How Can I Control My Unwanted Tears?

Dear Koyal, I cannot help but wonder how your friends react to your tears over something that you yourself consider trivial! Well, it sounds like keeping centered in these cases will take some practice, practice, practice! A comment, however, on ... Read More

Spirituality and Freedom in Iran

Dear Siddharth, You ask a probing question. I think a review of the history of those nations and the forms of Islam they have adopted will likely provide a clue to the questions you ask. Persia has a long and ... Read More

Do Astral Beings Eat and Discharge Waste?

Dear Frank, Yes, Sri Yukteswar explains in Autobiography of a Yogi (specifically Chapter 43, “The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar”) that the astral body is the “exact counterpart” of the physical body. He also says that the astral beings eat “luminous ... Read More

What Is Right Action?

Dear Ashutosh, I think the implications of your reference to The Gita are not correct. Lord Krishna, in fact, states in The Gita that He (and all who are wise) should continue to perform right action because lesser beings will ... Read More

In a Special Meditation Experience, Was I on the Verge of Death?

Dear Karen, No, you weren’t on the verge of passing away. You just touched a bit of the other world, the world of light. The images you have seen might be real, or your mind created them, expressing in picture ... Read More

Is Life as a Student and Yogi Compatible? (Managing Stress)

Dear Ashutosh, Ironic though it might seem, nothing could be more practical and useful to a busy person (yes, even a student under pressure; indeed especially a student or anyone under pressure), than to remain calm and unflustered. The time ... Read More

What Is the Difference Between Meditation and Prayer?

What is the Difference Between Contentment and Satisfaction?

What is a Soul?

How Are We Affected By Diet?

How Can I Calm My Anxiety?

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