Watch Online

Visit at 11am PST to watch the live broadcast, or watch Sunday Service Recordings (Video and MP3).

About Sunday Service

Sunday Service, whether you attend in person at Ananda Village, online, or at one of our centers, gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded souls and come back to your inner center after dealing with the outward demands of the week.

Those attending in person at Ananda Village have the opportunity to attend a short fire ceremony, complete with the chanting of traditional Vedic mantras, and the Purification Ceremony, in which participants write down on a small piece of paper something of which they wish to be purified, receive a blessing, then drop the paper into a small fire.

After the Purification Ceremony, at 11am PST, the worship service and live broadcast begin (and can be watched on the homepage of There is chanting and music, followed by a short meditation and affirmation. The ministers giving the Sunday service then read a passage from Rays of the One Light written by Swami Kriyananda, and give a 20-minute talk based on that passage.

After the taking of an offering, to the accompaniment of more music, the service concludes with the Festival of Light, written by Swami Kriyananda: a beautiful ceremony including poetry and music that expresses the soul’s journey, first away from, and then back to its home in God.

Recordings of Sunday service include the opening song, the reading of the passage, and the 20-minute talk, ending with the offertory music (the music is omitted from the mp3 versions).